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Combine retail, financial, inventory and customer management data in a single system, allowing you to streamline processes and increase growth.

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Why do I need an ERP system?

CloudToday ERP removes barriers to growth by reducing the administrative tasks associated with managing your retail business. By bringing together critical data from a range of sources, it allows you to make real-time data driven decisions to optimise your business model now and for the future.

Fully integrated with POS

Sophisticated inventory control

Track and reduce waste and loss

Macro-level overview of sales activity

Manage suppliers and partners

Support and scale multiple stores

How can you stand out from the competition?

In Retail, Data Is Key

The most successful retailers are those who are able to collect, analyse and act upon accurate data to inform their future strategy.

Without a single interface to analyse and compare data from across your business, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the detail, or to make hasty decisions based on a single metric. CloudToday ERP brings together multiple data points from sales, to inventory, to finance, to customer satisfaction, allowing you to pinpoint issues and target opportunities. 

A comprehensive overview paired with detailed insights

Scale up your business, maximise profitability and reduce your time-to-market

CloudToday ERP supports effective analysis and planning across a wide range of key business areas:

Our POS system is device agnostic, and shares data in real time with your stock control and accounting systems, so you always have an accurate picture.

Keep track of current and planned stock levels and match inventory to sales trends to identify optimal pricing strategy and predict future demand.

Sync with your suppliers to monitor production schedules, material supplies, track delivery dates and provide an overview of goods receivable.

Track every dollar which comes into the business, allocate income to specific promotions or categories and match current sales trends to available inventory and future planning.

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Manage multiple locations and streamline new store openings, with accurate reporting on sales volume, profitability and future predictions for each branch.

Plan marketing campaigns, track inbound enquiries and in-person sales and allocate future  spending to the activities or campaigns where it will be most effective.

Stay in contact with your customers to promote upselling and repeat business through loyalty programmes, special offers and customer discounts.

Handle employee onboarding, training and compliance, as well as tracking attendance, annual leave, performance and engagement, and managing monthly wage bills.

Monitor Essential Business Processes - All In One Place

CloudToday ERP gives you unparalleled access to accurate, comprehensive and real-time data covering every activity taking place across your stores.

Deep integration with your systems simplifies tasks such as invoicing from mobile devices, analysing stock inventory, switching default pricing across multiple currencies or reconciling profit and loss accounts on a daily basis.

With CloudToday – you’re in the driving seat.

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