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From attendance to vacation time, to performance and attainment, CT Enterprise makes it easy to manage even the largest teams and drill down into individual records to ensure your employees are fulfilling their potential.

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Vacation Uninterrupted

You can manage employee leave options for each department or team in a single place, with all data related to leave appearing in the leave calendar and summary leave reports so that you have a fully transparent view of all the details of your employees’ vacation time.

Attendance made easy

A key integration of our HRMS is the integration of attendance records with payroll and employee leave. This integration allows for effective monitoring of attendance records while including several options for live display related data, as well as integration with biometric devices such as fingerprint sensors.

Manage All Expenses

The HR module provides you with the ability to efficiently manage employees’ expenses, travel allowances, and cash advances, and manage and review all related payments from one place.

The system has the advantage of speeding up these processes by providing a simple and rapid approval process, in addition to supplying ready-made and customizable workflows according to your needs in order to manage expense claims and requests.

Track your performance

You can observe and compare the performance of each of your employees, as CT Enterprise provides you with an in-depth analysis of the work employees have completed by displaying the activity level of each employee through accurate data and graphs.

The system has an employee performance evaluation unit with a control panel that displays the most important performance indicators that enable you to better understand your employees and their achievements with the ability to track the best performing employees.

Build Your Talent Pool

CT Enterprise helps you keep the spirit of learning alive in the hearts of your employees by providing them with the possibility to undertake training to improve their skills.

A training scheduling page for each employee displays the elements of their scheduled training period and the employee’s progress in completing the training is tracked automatically. This is automatically linked to task evaluations in order to facilitate the process of scheduling, planning, and completing any required training at a suitable time for each employee. 

Everything is recorded

CT Enterprise allows you to manage all your employees’ personal information regardless of the size of your company. Store address data, emergency contact details, salary, and pension information, and job-specific data in one easily accessed system.

You can also upload and share media files to each employee’s profile and view your entire team’s data within our HR module.

Hire the right talent, easily

Intelligently manage recruiting processes via CT Enterprise through a built-in recruitment module that allows you to plan your requirements, post job opportunities on your site, review applicants’ proposals, and communicate with them.

Headache-Free Payday

Our cloud system takes care of running employee payroll statements automatically, as these statements are generated based on a specific period of time, while automatically ensuring their accuracy via the extensive salary components and detailed structure.

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