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The CloudToday ERP system lets you streamline your distribution process by managing inventory, procurement, order fulfillment, tracking, reporting, stock levels and more.

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Why do I need an ERP system?

The CloudToday ERP distribution management software helps you optimize your supply chain, across sales forecasting, master production scheduling, production planning, purchasing, inventory management, and the logistics of shipping, transportation and storage. All the information you need, all the processes handled, all covered conveniently in one place.

Multiple store management from a single dashboard

Sales and distribution cycle management

Manage multiple distribution channels

Automate purchasing and ordering

Real-time stock management

Auto-invoicing, billing and pricing

How can you increase efficiency at each stage of distribution?

All the Data You Need On One Dashboard

CloudToday ERP combines data from multiple sources to allow you to make accurate comparisons, on-the-fly adjustments and detailed reporting and predictions to streamline the entire distribution pipeline.

To meet the demands of your customers and strategically scale your business without being hampered by basic admin, you need a fully integrated ERP for distribution. CloudToday ERP will help you plan, organize and intelligently track your business progress.

Joined Up Data To Maximize Efficiency

Accelerate Your Processes With Confidence

CloudToday ERP supports effective analysis and planning throughout the distribution process for end-to-end productivity gains:

Track every dollar which comes into the business, allocate income to specific promotions or categories and match current sales trends to available inventory and future planning.

Manage multiple locations and streamline new location openings, with accurate reporting on goods volume, profitability and future predictions for each warehouse or depot.

Analytics and reporting tools paired with real-time data allow you to review and respond to changing scenarios in an agile way and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Handle employee onboarding, training and compliance, as well as tracking attendance, annual leave, performance and engagement, and managing monthly wage bills.

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Manage your supplier relationships, ensure you’re getting the best deals on products and services, monitor price changes over time and consolidate costs by department.

Full integration with your existing systems allows you to centralize your existing data and assess the effectiveness of your processes, identifying areas for improvement.

Record and track expenditure per customer and generate automated bills which can be scheduled to send periodically. Review and analyze payment data from a single dashboard.

Access to the data you need to resolve customer queries quickly and efficiently, leading to improved satisfaction, better user experience, and repeat business.

Monitor Multiple Systems and Locations - All In One Place

Manage your expenses, inventory, and income across multiple cost centers, enabling you to plan your overall process strategically. From initial inquiries, through to order picking, packaging and shipping, you can improve efficiency at each stage to deliver greater value to the customer while maximizing profits.

From Amazon MWS, to Shopify or WooCommerce, you can seamlessly manage your sales, customers and items in one platform with just a few clicks. CloudToday ERP helps you manage inventory in real time, monitor products by expiration date, replenish stocks in bulk, track individual shipments and streamline billing according to your business needs.

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