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Don’t be distracted by the clutter of repetitive administrative tasks – focus on providing the best service, food, and drinks to your growing customer base.

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Why do I need an ERP system?

CloudToday ERP reduces the administrative tasks associated with running a successful foodservice business. By collating key information from a range of sources, it allows you to make real-time data-driven decisions to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and scale up your business.

Fully integrated with POS and ordering systems

Sophisticated stock and shelf-life controls

Track and reduce waste and loss

High-level overview of sales and promotions

Manage produce and equipment suppliers

Support and scale multiple outlets

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To Be A Cut Above The Rest

The restaurant industry is a competitive space, and while your menu will help you get noticed, you need business support to stay at the top.

Getting a delicious meal to the customer’s table is more complex than it looks, involving careful management of the supply chain from producers, to distributors, to your own staff and premises while maintaining compliance with safety regulations and food standards. CloudToday ERP lets you manage the whole process from a single easy to use interface.

End-to-end management made easy

Scale your business and maximize profitability

CloudToday ERP supports effective analysis and planning for foodservice businesses across a wide range of key areas:

Maintain a detailed oversight of your financial position, ensuring that you control spending, allocate budget to where it is most effective, and keep an eye on profitability.

Plan and review purchasing, monitor your spend with produce and equipment suppliers, and ensure you’re always getting the best value.

Access detailed reporting on your most popular products, how customer spending varies by day, and what items are most profitable, allowing you to plan effective promotions or offers.

Keep track of your workforce, with a detailed overview of their assigned shift patterns, vacation days and absences, allowing you to manage cover at short notice if needed.

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Get notified via automatic requests when stock falls below the replenishment level, or approaches expiry dates. Re-order inventory in a timely manner and reduce the chances of stock running out.

Track your customer feedback scores, comments, review and complaints to enable you to adopt a culture of continuous improvement and identify areas for change.

Integrate third-party systems, such as delivery platforms or supplier portals to ensure that all your IT systems are connected and working together effectively.

Compare key statistics across multiple outlets or locations, allowing you to identify the most profitable branches, plan new openings and share best practices across the business.

Monitor Essential Business Processes - All In One Place

CloudToday ERP allows you to minimize personnel costs by removing unnecessary admin tasks and automating common processes, making it easy to manage multiple branches, suppliers, and partners centrally. Deep integration with your existing systems simplifies tasks such as mobile ordering, internet delivery, stock tracking, staff schedules, and more.

CloudToday helps you concentrate on the customer experience and build a sustainable and growing business.

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