Advanced helpdesk tools

Level Up Your Support Function

CT ERP allows you to make considerable cost savings by automating many of the most repetitive support tasks, freeing up your team to handle the more complex issues which arise, and improving customer satisfaction and ratings overall.

Accurate Business Insights In Real-Time

User Friendly Web Based Interface

CT ERP gives you quick and easy access to the data you need to make critical decisions across all areas of your business, in an intuitive layout which is accessible from anywhere.
Track your Service

Use the live service overview dashboard to gain instant insights related to your services that help you identify bottlenecks that would cause any problems, and quickly and smoothly deploy best practice solutions for your help desk. This ensures that you continually improve the quality of your services, provide a better user experience to your customers, and gain their loyalty and trust.

Never Miss your maintenance schedule

CT Enterprise allows you to use the maintenance scheduling feature to keep you fully in sync with the maintenance schedules and upgrades of your services, avoiding missing any appointments that would identify any defects in your services in advance and thereby avoid exacerbation in the future.

With a single click, you can track employee activity and work performed during each maintenance visit and monitor customer feedback and opinions.

Knowledge Is Power

You do not need to rely entirely on the ticketing system in order to provide a class-leading customer service experience, as CT Enterprise enables you to enhance your customer support through offering help articles and answers to the most common questions.

This allows your customer service team to focus on solving complex problems that need human solutions, with quick access to the most common problems and explanations provided within the knowledge base.

Enjoyable Customer Experience

You can spread the spirit of loyalty throughout your customer base by making their experience of dealing with you unforgettable. CT Enterprise allows you to share any updates you want with your customers, not only outlining the project status in general but also facilitating communication and solving problems quickly and effectively through the customer portal.

Service Level Agreements

Place your customer service and support experience on solid foundations by customizing your service level agreements and including the relevant elements to define the expectation roadmap for customers of your products or services.

Service level agreements allow you to enhance your customer experience by providing elements such as support policy, response times and solutions, and escalation processes, ensuring your end-users understand what to expect when dealing with your support function.

Track the level of success and failure in your support service and work to improve the customer support process through continuous analysis and improvement.

Track Your Team's Performance

CT Enterprise creates reports to monitor the support team’s performance and analyzes customer experience at each touchpoint or interaction with the helpdesk. Facilitate cooperation to deal with customer support requests or escalate issues by sharing multiple tasks or referring an opportunity to a specific support team member to alert their attention.

Easy Ticketing

In some businesses, customer service requires many human resources, but with CT Enterprise, a large percentage of repetitive tedious tasks such as the assignment of rules to customer service personnel are handled automatically, reducing overheads.

Smart features such as load distribution are used in order to automatically distribute tickets appropriately and fairly to support personnel, which increases the effectiveness of service in terms of both quality and speed.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Turn customer helpdesk interactions, including calls, e-mail, etc., into easily readable and reportable data, making it easier for your support or sales team to be aware of all the questions, issues, bug reports, and requests you receive from your customers in order to improve their user experience and increase satisfaction and ratings.

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