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Why do I need an ERP system?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have traditionally been associated with large corporates and multinational organizations. Now, CloudToday Enterprise offers the same toolkit, functionality, and feature set as large ERP providers at a scale and price point which is accessible to startups, entrepreneurs, and lean SMEs. We’ll help you:   

Streamline your accounting processes

Keep track of leads, prospects, and customers

Automate basic admin tasks and operations

Onboard new team members efficiently

Manage supplier and partner relationships

Scale your business model with confidence

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

Take Control Of Your Business

Too many startups operate on a trial and error or “gut feel” basis. CloudToday Enterprise gives you the information you need to make real-time, data-driven decisions.

Create order instead of managing clutter, allowing you to take charge of the direction of your business with the confidence that you understand the crucial details. Our cloud-based ERP system centralizes data feeds from each aspect of your business, giving you a holistic overview of performance, opportunities, and threats.

A comprehensive view across all business activities

You’ll be amazed at the improvements in efficiency!

CloudToday ERP supports effective analysis and planning across a range of crucial areas for SMEs and startups:

Take charge of your accounts, track spending at the dollar level, view daily or weekly profit and loss statements, and create detailed financial projections.

Manage your supplier relationships, ensure you’re getting the best deals on products and services, monitor price changes over time, and consolidate costs by department.

Keep track of your leads, prospects, and customers at every stage of the sales and marketing funnel, increasing conversion rates, and minimizing drop-offs.

Oversee all aspects of people management, from payroll to attendance, to learning and development, ensuring that all team members are engaged and working to their potential.

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Use the rich data available within CloudToday to optimize your project management methodology, reducing error rates or rework, and improving customer outcomes.

Monitor stock on order, current inventory, and supply chain availability to ensure you strike the right balance between keeping sufficient stock on hand and avoiding overinvestment.

Report on company assets, lifespans, and how resources are assigned, using CloudToday’s inbuilt reporting function to avoid production bottlenecks and shorten delivery times.

Give your support staff access to the data they need to resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently, leading to improved satisfaction, providing a positive user experience, and building the reputation of your brand.

Optimize Your Business For Rapid Growth

CloudToday ERP is the perfect tool for startups and SMEs, allowing you to track all areas of your business and add new modules and features as your business matures.

Bringing together all of the data you need in a single view allows you to maintain a laser focus on your vision and work to accelerate growth without getting tied down with distracting or time-wasting tasks. It’s a 360-degree support system that grows and changes with you, as your business moves through the growth phase, catering to your specific needs. Pricing is modular and transparent, so you can design the solution which best matches your budget at any given time.

We are a lean company

We Understand Agility

We understand startups - we’ve been there ourselves, and we’ve used the tools in CloudToday ERP to grow our own business

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