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We offer you a robust and easy way to manage all your accounting needs from one single system that works for any company, whatever the size or structure. 

Real-time accounting data, on-demand

Stay On Top Of Your Finances

With CT Enterprise, keeping abreast of your financial situation couldn’t be easier. From budgets to banking to spending, all the data you need is available on a single dashboard.

Cloud Accounting done right

With CT ERP, you’ll benefit from many features that are in line with the requirements of the modern market. Manage your financial affairs from bills, books, and taxes with clarity and simplicity, with the feature-rich system’s broad integration, which helps to automate calculations and reduce errors.

Quick overview of your business

Take an instant snapshot of your business through the accounts dashboard that highlights your performance on several levels. Data presented to you in a simple and orderly manner allows you to spot inconsistencies, with the ability to drill down into specific items and analyze on a granular level.

Helpful Budget insights

Instantly view spending in real-time from the budgets you have already set, which allows you to anticipate any action or adjustments that will boost your profits against your investment. Get detailed insights in a range of formats, from graphs that give you a general idea of the expenses and the budget to clear comparison tables of numbers and dates.

A Clear View Of Ledger Actions

Delve deeper into managing and monitoring your books on a daily basis, with the ability to view your income and payments accurately based on the day, week and month, while accessing a detailed and straightforward overview of all operations. You can also set alerts to respond when the expiration date of a defined period related to an account approaches.

Set it and forget it

There is no room for unexplained costs or worrying about overspend on a project. With the CT ERP accounting system, you will be able to determine a specific and accurate budget for each task. Advanced options let you set up your accounts in advance to automate all spending-related processes, such as setting a particular budget ceiling that you do not exceed during the month or year.

Create And Send Invoices Automatically

Payments are set up once by you to be approved automatically. Your bills are collected once, or repeatedly for subscription-based products, without your input, as your customers receive payment alerts via emails at the specified time of each month. No more reminding customers of their bills – everything is automatically done for you, meaning you can track your payments easily as well as creating and selecting custom templates for your invoices.

Go International

CT ERP takes care of converting other foreign currencies into your specific base currency with the ability to view all reports and transfers in different currencies. Dealing with suppliers and customers from all parts of the world is no problem – you can send invoices and add expenses in any currency without manually checking currency exchange sites or doing any conversion calculations.

Simple Banking

Monitor and track your balances for each bank account you add, bearing in mind that the number of accounts you can add to the system is unlimited. Review your transactions with suppliers and customers and ensure that they are accurately controlled by synchronizing them with your bank statements, which you can upload to the system with the click of a button.

For Holding and Larger companies

Multi-Company Accounting

Whether you have one or one-hundred companies, our accounting system will allow you to manage your books in the most efficient way possible. You can have absolute unification or absolute separation or anything in between for your accounts. 

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