At-a-glance management

Track Every Sale And Purchase

Manage your products, inventory, POS, and suppliers from a single interface, with live data giving you a real-time picture of how your business is performing, even across multiple locations or departments.

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The Optimal Sales and Purchasing system

An integrated sales, purchasing and warehouse management system. Everything you need for your store or sales operation and more. Learn more about the features and benefits.
Manage Infinite features

Don’t get overwhelmed in an ocean of different product variants, colors, and shapes, with our product variant management functionality.

The system differentiates between the main product and its variants, adopting a template for the core element representing your product, while storing its variables such as sizes, colors, and manufacturing materials in the form of variable elements, allowing for easy management and configuration. 

Smart Tracking

CT Enterprise allows you to track your inventory with extreme accuracy via a product numbering feature which makes it easy for you to track the stock of your products across all your warehouses. Inventory managers benefit from the impressive depth of the system in arranging and organizing products, including tracking life cycles from production to delivery to your customer.

Our tracking features extend to help you search and find anything related to the products you are looking for quickly and easily by scanning the product barcode with your mobile device camera for faster search results.

Speedy batching

Leave no room for error and preserve your project delivery track record by making sure to track and manage products according to production and expiration dates. With our smart system, you can handle your inventory easily by managing large quantities through naming a quantity or batch of products in one go – saving vital time for your employees as well.

Connect with your favorite systems

You can easily connect CT Enterprise with other sales platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, and WooCommerce, where you can enjoy a simple user experience by setting up your data on the system from products, customers, and requests to integrate with additional platforms within a few clicks.

Beautiful UI

Preserve the aesthetics of your brand through customizable print templates, and set up these templates to be formatted in a way that appeals to your customers and ensures the materials you create are easy to understand. You only need to set up your invoices, quotes, and other documents once for the system to manage them automatically. 

Full CRM capabilities

Take advantage of the customer relationship management features within CT Enterprise in order to consolidate your relationship with your customers and provide them with an exceptional experience, by employing tools such as email marketing to create accurately targeted marketing campaigns and sending customized emails to all of your customers in one go.

Enjoyable Customer Experience

You can spread the spirit of loyalty throughout your customer base by making their experience of dealing with you unforgettable. CT Enterprise allows you to share any updates you want with your customers, not only outlining the project status in general but also facilitating communication and solving problems quickly and effectively through the customer portal.

Easy Integration Of POS

CT Enterprise integrates seamlessly with your POS systems, ensuring that data from each sale is transferred to your dashboard view in real-time, so you always have an accurate overview of your stock or inventory levels, current progress against sales targets, and a true comparison of how different branches or locations are performing.

Easy Promotions Management

You can manage the discounts of your various products and services for all your customers or segment them according to different rules and conditions. All you have to do is define these discounts and the system will take care of making the relevant changes according to the terms and rules that have been approved, which is done by simply specifying certain options.

Organized Supplier Interactions

Use the suppliers’ portal to help each company in your supply chain manage their own affairs by offering features such as submitting requests for quotations and automatic quotation generation for suppliers, in addition to providing access to a list of current purchase orders or receipts.

At-A-Glance Management

View all the important data about sales and purchases in one place, with our easy to read dashboard which provides a simplified and up-to-date display of key performance indicators and metrics related to sales and purchases of your products or services.

And if you prefer a custom view that focuses on specific aspects of the accounting and sales side, then you simply have to adjust the dashboard to be compatible with your needs.

Full Accounting Capabilities

With CT Enterprise you will have access to a fully integrated, advanced accounting system that will cover all your requirements related to sales and purchasing and facilitate accurate bookkeeping while providing useful insights regarding your company’s activities.

Clean the clutter

A fully functioning and integrated file system to help you organize your projects. With CT Enterprise all your files are stored and secured, with access only available to an authorized user with the required permissions to upload and share files. Store your product images, share them with customers, store your contracts and RFPs, and much more.

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