Lifetime tracking of business assets

Asset Management Made Easy

Monitor and record the acquisition, depreciation, and disposal of assets across your business to enable accurate reporting on profit and loss statements and for tax purposes. Keep track of the condition of assets and predict replacements needed.

Accurate Business Insights In Real-Time

User Friendly Web Based Interface

CT Enterprise gives you quick and easy access to the data you need to make critical decisions across all areas of your business, in an intuitive layout which is accessible from anywhere.
A Comprehensive Overview

CT Enterprise provides you with detailed reports about your assets, through a pre-built reporting feature that allows you to note every detail, however small, related to your asset holdings.

The system also has the option to build custom reports that help you analyze your data to make better decisions with the benefit of identifying bottlenecks, monitoring performance, and improving services.

Adjust Asset values Easily

CT Enterprise offers you the ability to adjust and customize multiple asset inputs easily, which is ideal for managing frequently occurring scenarios.

In the event that you are surprised by an increase or decrease in the value of an asset of your business, the system works to record the state by adjusting the value of similar assets. The process of recalculating the inputs is done automatically based on the change in the value of the asset.

Scrape it off

The asset management module retains the same smooth and fast management process even when you need to scrap or dispose of assets that you don’t require anymore.

Its integration feature allows for the possibility of scrapping assets while ensuring that the system handles accounting entries without the need to manually review your records from scratch.

Easy Depreciation Schedule

The asset management module removes the need to manually enter the asset depreciation schedule for your accounts. You only have to set up an asset class depreciation schedule once, and the system takes care of the rest.

The main advantage is in its automatic calculation of the rate or dates of depreciation of these assets, creating detailed accounting entries, which saves you a lot of time and effort.

Sell Assets with Automated Accounting

Leave no room for any asset shortage or damage in your organization, record everything that enters and exits through our asset management module that allows you to sell the assets you no longer need with a few clicks.

CT enterprise automatically creates accounting entries to make the process easy and comply with reporting regulations.

Set it once

Assets are collected through purchase receipts (incoming goods notes) or purchase invoices so that the system can ensure the automatic creation of the asset record according to the information stored within the main element.

You will no longer need to manually input large amounts of data when you purchase new assets for your business. All you have to do is update data such as depreciation methods, schedule, and insurance initially, in just a few clicks and leave the system to handle the details.

Smart Asset Inventory

Easily manage and inventory assets, as the system allows you to inventory by entering items in bulk quantities or in a specific sequence, while facilitating the process of accessing assets very easily by scanning the barcode through your scanner or mobile device’s camera.

You can make your decisions based on searches and data that the system provides to you within a few simple clicks, based on the availability and location of the assets and other related criteria. When purchasing new assets, the system automatically creates the asset record based on the information stored within the parent asset element. 

Track Your Assets Smartly

CT Enterprise allows you to have all the information related to your assets in one place without the need to navigate between systems and collect information from multiple locations.  Everything is presented to you within a simple and easy-to-use dashboard.

You can find all the necessary details related to the assets including the status, the assignee responsible for it, location, insurance and warranty, depreciation and depreciation schedule, transfer of assets, sale details, and much more information that you can access easily and with full transparency.

At-A-Glance Management

View all the important data about sales and purchases in one place, with our easy to read dashboard which provides a simplified and up-to-date display of key performance indicators and metrics related to sales and purchases of your products or services.

And if you prefer a custom view that focuses on specific aspects of the accounting and sales side, then you simply have to adjust the dashboard to be compatible with your needs.

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