In-depth customer data

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

The CRM functionality available within CT Enterprise allows you to truly understand the needs and motivations of your customers, keep in touch with them regularly, and build long lasting brand loyalty.

Accurate Business Insights In Real-Time

User Friendly Web Based Interface

CT Enterprise gives you quick and easy access to the data you need to make critical decisions across all areas of your business, in an intuitive layout which is accessible from anywhere.
Never miss a thing

You won’t miss anything – big or small – related to sales volume and the effectiveness of your marketing methods. View all the data you need in a 360-degree preview and stay up-to-date on the health of your business and the success of your promotional activity.

Effective Campaigns

Take advantage of CT Enterprise’s e-marketing features to promote your products and services by launching targeted email campaigns with the option to send a batch of emails in one go with beautiful custom designs.

Analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns and increase your conversion rates, while improving your targeting of your customers based on real-world data.

Beautiful UI

Preserve the aesthetics of your brand through customizable print templates, and set up these templates to be formatted in a way that appeals to your customers and ensures the materials you create are easy to understand. You only need to set up your invoices, quotes, and other documents once for the system to manage them automatically. 

Monitor Pipeline Stages

CT Enterprise offers a live display function for the most important sales and marketing opportunities, which allows you to formulate a strategy to increase conversion rates and turn more potential customers into buyers.

Track your Sales Team performance

CT Enterprise creates reports to monitor the team’s performance and analyze the movement of potential customers through the pipeline. Facilitate cooperation to deal with potential customers or opportunities by sharing multiple tasks or referring an opportunity to a specific team member to alert their attention.

Automation all the way

CT Enterprise has several smart options that allow you to set specific orders such as periodic allocation and load distribution to improve performance and stability, which will automatically split potential customers among team members, thus shortening response times to customers and improving the user experience through excellent technical support.

Omni-Channel Communication

Turn marketing interactions, including calls, e-mail, etc., into easily readable and reportable data, making it easier for your sales team to be aware of all the questions, opinions, and requests you receive from your customers in order to improve their user experience and increase sales.

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