End-to-end oversight of each project

Track And Analyse Every Step

Whatever project management methodology you prefer to use, CT Enterprise will support you in planning, task assignments, progress reviews, and time tracking, and even allow you to share real-time data on project completion status with your clients.

Accurate Business Insights In Real-Time

User Friendly Web Based Interface

CT Enterprise gives you quick and easy access to the data you need to make critical decisions across all areas of your business, in an intuitive layout which is accessible from anywhere.
Enjoyable Customer Experience

You can spread the spirit of loyalty throughout your customer base by making their experience of dealing with you unforgettable. CT Enterprise allows you to share any updates you want with your customers, not only outlining the project status in general but also facilitating communication and solving problems quickly and effectively through the customer portal.

Track And Bill Correctly

There are no limits to organizing and speeding up your project operations with CT Enterprise’s project management module, where you can set up predefined tasks and activities for each of your projects to make it easy for you to track time according to what needs to be accomplished.

Easily view expenses and bills for your project earnings analysis, and link work to payroll directly for immediate payroll preparation.

Variance and budgeting

You can monitor project budgets and costs via a unique dashboard for insights based on all your operations. You can also plan the budget for each stage of your project, and allocate your company’s total budget against multiple projects.

Through the profit analysis system, you can also stay informed of the rate of spending from the budget of each project, as the system shows what has been spent so far from the budget that you have allocated for each project in a simple and clear way that allows you to act accordingly. 

Email within

Avoid wasting any opportunity to sell to your customers via the e-mail system built into CT Enterprise, which allows you to synchronize all email accounts that you use within your company or project by centralizing the place where you receive mail and preparing ready-made automatic responses to emails received by you.

Clear The Clutter

Fully functioning integrated file system to help you organize your projects and project. With CT Enterprise all your files are stored with facilitated and organized access to them by the authorized user with the permissions of uploading and sharing files. Store your product images, share them with customers, store your contracts and RFPs, and many more.

IM Conversations

The project management module includes an instant chat feature that enhances the ability to communicate internally with the functionality to draw the attention of any team member to a specific task or new issue by tagging their unique identifier across the system. 

Agile Done Right

The project management module aims to facilitate the process of completing tasks and projects through the use of the Agile framework for project management. 

You can enhance cooperation among your employees by dividing each project into mini-tasks and assigning the members of your team responsibility for each task. The system works to improve the quality and effectiveness of your team’s performance by providing the ability to clarify priorities, insights, and estimated timelines for each task of the project.

Improve Your Estimates

Our project management module provides you with a comprehensive space to track the progress of all processes related to your project. View every detail and facilitate the process of following up on each task – ensuring that no item, however small, is missed.

You will see an overview of deadlines for each project, combined with powerful planning features that allow you to effectively lay out each project timeline in advance. By cloning plans based on the successful performance of similar projects, you can create more accurate estimates for the required work.

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