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Delight Customers And Maximize Profitability

Combine financial, staffing, inventory and customer feedback data in a single system, allowing you to design the perfect customer experience while maintaining healthy margins.

Reinvent And Grow Your Hospitality Business

Why do I need an ERP system?

Success in hospitality is all about the customer experience, and with multiple separate services to track, it’s possible that mistakes or errors can creep in which may harm your reputation. CloudToday ERP lets you streamline the process from reservation through to checkout, ensuring your guests are well looked after throughout their time with you, and generating higher rates of repeat business by improving customer satisfaction.

Automated booking systems

Streamlined billing and pricing

Track and reduce waste and loss

Manage kitchen and janitorial staff

Monitor customer feedback

Create targeted marketing campaigns

How can you surprise and delight your guests?

Leverage Data To Improve Services

Acting on up-to-date information about the running of your business and the customer experience allows you to change and adapt your offering to better meet customer expectations.

From the decor in guest bedrooms, to the quality of catering, to interactions with hotel staff, tracking and acting on multiple data points is crucial to understand how your customers perceive your business. CloudToday ERP gathers all of this information together alongside key metrics such as capacity, profit and loss, to allow you to continually improve your business and maximize your returns.

Comprehensive Solutions For The Hospitality Industry

Focus On Delivering The Experience, Leave The Rest To Us

CloudToday Enterprise assists you in handling the many and varied administrative tasks associated with the hospitality sector, leaving you to concentrate on growing and expanding your business and delighting your guests.

Manage your capacity and incoming reservations to ensure all bookings are handled correctly and avoid overbooking or having to provide unnecessary upgrades.

Plan marketing campaigns to build interest in your location and facilities by promoting special room rates, creating personalized packages or organising events.

Track your customer feedback scores, comments, review and complaints to enable you to adopt a culture of continuous improvement and identify areas for change.

Stay in contact with frequent guests to promote upselling and repeat business through loyalty programmes, special offers and customer discounts.

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Track income and outgoings, view profit and loss overviews and automatically export the data you need to finance team members or accountants for review and submission.

Record and track customer spending, deposits and bookings and generate final bills which can be presented on check out or scheduled to debit automatically.

Manage permanent and temporary staff schedules, quickly assign cover where needed, and track vacation time, payroll and certifications for all customer facing and support roles.

Centralize The Management Of Your Hospitality Business

CloudToday ERP gives you access to accurate, comprehensive and real-time data on the running of your hospitality business, from booking levels, to catering costs, to customer satisfaction scores. By removing unnecessary admin tasks and automating common processes, we make it easy to manage multiple locations centrally and automate tasks such as reservations, event bookings, stock tracking, staff schedules and more.

We help you focus your efforts on the customer experience and build a sustainable and scalable hospitality business.

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