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Centralize The Management Of Your Agricultural Business

Analyze, record and track key metrics related to crops, diseases, weather patterns, fertilizers and pesticides, soil composition, market prices and farming equipment.

Scale up your agricultural business effectively

Why do I need an ERP system?

CloudToday ERP gives you a competitive edge by allowing you to monitor, analyze and manage critical information from a single interface, tracking key metrics to identify the optimal time to plant, harvest and sell your produce for the most profitable outcome, and plan for future years.

Track crop estimates and maturity dates

Keep records of harvests and yields

Organize and schedule key processes

Analyze and mitigate disease risk

Record and predict weather patterns

Manage sales and purchasing

How can you improve yields and maximize sale price?

Access And Analyze Real Time Data

CloudToday ERP lets you track vital information about your crops, livestock and the factors which influence them including weather, disease and changing market demand.

In agriculture, maximising profitability is all about working with tight margins. Making the wrong decision or missing a key piece of information can have a devastating knock on effect, and make the difference between profit and loss. CloudToday ERP brings together multiple data points from across your business, allowing you to identify and target opportunities in advance.

All-Inclusive Solutions For Modern Agriculture

Your Ally To Accelerate Your Agriculture Business Growth

CloudToday ERP supports effective analysis and planning for agriculture and livestock companies by bringing together data from key areas of the business:

Track and manage which land is at which stage of the cycle, from sowing to irrigation, to land management, soil enrichment, growth or harvest.

Create sophisticated location mapping to analyze potential yields, calculate total capacity, optimize land usage and plan areas for improvement.

Track the symptoms of disease, monitor vulnerable crops or livestock and tackle issues early, avoiding large scale loss by automated ordering of pesticides or vaccines.

Handle employee onboarding, training and compliance, as well as tracking attendance, annual leave, performance and engagement, and managing monthly wage bills

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Track the results of water testing and soil sampling to determine any issues which may contribute to under production or contamination of crops or produce.

Record and predict weather conditions and schedule important procedures, such as sowing or harvesting for the opportune conditions, avoiding damage to your crops.

Stay in contact with your customers to promote upselling and repeat business through loyalty programmes, special offers and customer discounts.

Record and track current and future orders per customer and generate custom bills which can be scheduled to send automatically. Review and analyze payment data from a single dashboard.

Leave Out The Guesswork, Deal With The Data

With CloudToday ERP you can be confident that the decisions you make are based on a thorough and informed understanding of all the available data related to your business – no more “best guess” scenarios which could result in negative outcomes.

Our system removes or automates the majority of  time wasting admin tasks and puts you in a position to make big picture judgements on what’s best for your agricultural business now and along your future growth path.

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