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The CloudToday ERP system helps manufacturers identify areas for growth by handling multiple data sources and allowing you to analyze them in combination, providing opportunities for improvement in capacity, process or technique.

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Why do I need an ERP system?

In the manufacturing sector, profitability depends on maximising the efficiency of your processes at every stage, making continual adjustments to improve output and managing supply chains, costs and materials optimally. CloudToday ERP brings together multiple data points from across your business, allowing you to identify and target the areas which will bring the greatest benefits to your business.

Document and record inventory and materials

Streamline quoting, invoicing and pricing

Manage outsourced or subcontracted processes

Track supply vs demand to predict purchasing trends

Manage task assignments and shop-floor activity

Generate Bills Of Material and product descriptions

Review And Act Upon Real Time Data

Even minor adjustments to a specific process, material choice or working practice can deliver substantial savings when working at scale, but you need access to the data to identify these opportunities.

In manufacturing, a series of small improvements can result in significant gains at the end of the process. From selecting the best materials to work with based on current supplier prices, to reducing inefficiencies or waste during production, to maximising the perceived value of your finished products, Cloud ERP brings together the data you need to make those critical decisions without being distracted by low-level tasks.

Comprehensive Solutions For Smart Manufacturing

Meet Your Production Targets With Confidence

CloudToday ERP gives you a dedicated interface to manage every aspect of production, eliminating unnecessary tasks, while streamlining management and decision making.

Analyze demand for your products, identify which lines are most profitable and monitor customer buying patterns to anticipate trends and introduce new products.

Manage multiple locations and streamline new location openings, with accurate reporting on goods volume, profitability and future predictions for each manufacturing facility.

Analytics and reporting tools paired with real-time data allow you to review and respond to changing demands in an agile way and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Keep track of current and planned stock levels and match inventory to sales patterns to identify the optimal pricing strategy per product and predict future demand.

Ensure that you’re maximising your production capacity, remove unplanned downtime and identify optimal workflows which make the most of your assets and workforce.

Track and evaluate employee performance across the business, monitoring safety certifications, workloads, vacation days and absences to ensure full staffing to meet demand.

Keep track of servicing requirements for your manufacturing equipment, identify defects which may be affecting production speed and plan downtime during periods of low demand.

Manage your supplier relationships, track prices for raw materials allowing you to purchase at the most advantageous time and automate purchasing and stock replenishment.

End-to-End Optimization Of The Manufacturing Process

CloudToday ERP gives manufacturers detailed access to accurate, comprehensive and real-time data covering every aspect of the production process. By automating repetitive tasks we help you to remove distractions and time wasting activities.Instead, you have the opportunity and data to make high-level decisions which eliminate waste and increase efficiency. This allows you to increase your profit margins and scale up your business by adding new locations or launching new products.

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