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Improve learner engagement and outcomes

Streamline your learning provision, whether classroom based or online, by automating tedious and time-consuming processes, allowing you to concentrate on teaching.

Develop an optimized learning model

Why do I need an ERP system?

CloudToday ERP provides the perfect solution for educators who want to reduce their administrative burden and free up time to concentrate on teaching, resource development, assessment and learner development. By bringing together key info on attainment, grades, course progress and learner feedback it enables you to make real-time data driven decisions to better manage and optimize courses and programs and improve the learner experience.

Manage applications and registrations

Secure storage of key student data

Host and share documents and resources

Plan and communicate course schedules

Monitor attendance, attainment and grades

Integrate with learning management systems

How can you enhance the learner journey?

Monitor and Evaluate Key Metrics

Collating and analyzing rich data from your learners and teaching staff allows you to build up a picture of each student’s achievements and tailor the learning experience to each individual.

Academic outcomes are vastly improved when educators have access to key data on how students are approaching, interacting with and retaining the information presented to them throughout their courses or classes. CloudToday ERP allows you to organize, analyze and act upon this data to ensure that every learner is supported where necessary and encouraged to succeed.

A birds-eye view of your learning community

Reduce Admin Tasks, Free Up Educators To Focus on Teaching

CloudToday ERP supports teaching and learning by automating processes and bringing together useful information across key areas:

Enable self service enrollment on online courses, or bulk enrol whole cohorts of learners as they progress through a given program, reducing administrative workloads.

Monitor and record attendance to identify any students who are at risk of dropping out or becoming disengaged, allowing you to target in-person support where needed.

Manage assessments and feed attainment data and grades back to your MIS or LMS system for further analysis or sharing with parents and guardians.

Collate and review feedback from individual learners to identify bottlenecks within courses, understand where students may need extra support, and improve the design or future programs.

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Use high level reporting and analytics tools to gain a broad picture of how learners are interacting with your courses at a group or grade level, and better serve their needs.

Plan and schedule in person teaching, online learning and examinations or assessments at the most convenient time for teachers and students.

Create and share repositories of key resources, including documents, images, and multimedia, and allow learner-created content and assessments to be uploaded.

Handle course fee invoicing, send reminders about missed or delayed payments, and track the profitability of your courses and programs.

Enhance Your Learning Provision Through analysis and Automation

As anyone working in the education sector will understand, all too often basic administration duties can take up valuable time which would be better spent engaging with learners.

CloudToday ERP provides the necessary support for busy educators, allowing them to focus their efforts on teaching instead of wasting time with repetitive admin tasks. From managing fees and scholarships, to planning effective and engaging courses, to collating and certifying grades, we’re at your side to automate processes and improve overall efficiency.

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