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Analyze Business-Critical Data In One Place

Combine infrastructure, usage, financial, and customer data in a single system, allowing you to streamline your XaaS services and increase growth.

Optimize Your Service Provision For Rapid Scaling

Why do I need an ERP system?

CloudToday ERP removes barriers to growth by reducing the administrative tasks associated with managing your retail business. By bringing together critical data from a range of sources, it allows you to make real-time data driven decisions to optimize your business model now and for the future.

For businesses providing infrastructure, platforms or software “as a service”, identifying how to stand out in a crowded marketplace can be a major challenge. Founders and leaders often get drawn into the day-to-day admin of the business, making it hard to identify the optimal direction and vision. CloudToday ERP helps by bringing together mission-critical data for analysis in a single interface.

Subscription management

Integrate critical systems

Manage your infrastructure

Streamline payments

Upscale your services

Improve the user experience

How can you beat the competition?

Use Real-Time Data To Optimize Services

CloudToday ERP lets you collect, analyze and act upon accurate data to ensure your services are meeting customer needs and performing competitively.

There are very few tools available in the market which meet the specific challenges of managing an XaaS business. CloudToday ERP is a notable exception. As a SaaS provider ourselves, we understand the unique requirements of the sector, and have built our product with service providers and their customers in mind.

An All-Inclusive Solution Designed For Service Providers

Access The Know-How To Build A Better Solution For Your Users

CloudToday ERP supports effective analysis and planning across a range of crucial areas for SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and other service providers:

Take charge of your accounts, track spending at the dollar level, view daily or weekly profit and loss statements and create detailed financial projections.

Keep track of your leads, prospects and customers at every stage of the sales and marketing funnel, increasing conversion rates and minimizing drop-offs.

Track usage patterns and capacity across your infrastructure to ensure you’re able to keep pace with demand and offer the highest standards of performance.

Oversee all aspects of people management, from payroll to attendance, to learning and development, ensuring that all team members are engaged and working to their potential.

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Use the rich data available within CloudToday to optimize your project management methodology, reducing error rates or rework and improving customer outcomes.

Resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently, leading to improved satisfaction, providing a positive user experience, and building the reputation of your brand.

The data available through CloudToday ERP makes it easier to innovate by giving you a holistic view of problems and opportunities at both a macro and a granular level.

Accessing comprehensive data from across all areas of your service allows you to easily identify areas of inefficiency and make the necessary process changes to eliminate them.

Monitor And Optimize Your Services Via A Single Interface

CloudToday ERP is the ideal tool for XaaS providers, allowing you to track each aspect of your services and add extra functionality as your business grows. CloudToday ERP gives you immediate access to comprehensive and accurate data so you can design cost-effective services which fulfil customer expectations and outperform the competition. Our pricing is modular and transparent, so you can select the specific features you need and which your budget can accommodate at any given time. Our experienced support team is on hand to analyze and provide guidance on your processes, plans and vision.

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