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The CloudToday ERP system gives you a single, secure and integrated interface to manage patient care, inventory, practitioner schedules and medical data, giving you a holistic overview of your practices and processes.

Enhance your healthcare provision with real-time data

Why do I need an ERP system?

Providing the highest standards of healthcare requires effective integration between multiple systems, to ensure that patients, their representatives, medical practitioners, pharmaceutical providers and administrators are all acting in alignment. CloudToday ERP allows you to bring all of these elements together, reducing day-to-day admin and allowing you to concentrate on the bigger picture, increasing efficiency, maintaining standards and improving outcomes.

Integrated communications

Streamline billing and pricing

Document and record interventions

Track prescriptions and medications

Store confidential patient data securely

Analyse and report on crucial data

How can you guarantee a positive experience for patients?

In Healthcare, Joined-Up Data Is Vital

To ensure the highest standards of care, it’s crucial to have access to multiple information streams, so you can make data-driven decisions which result in optimal outcomes.

Successful healthcare provision is all about knowledge. Without all the available information to hand, it’s impossible to make confident and correct decisions on treatment, medication, or therapy. Cloud ERP brings together the data you need into one easy to use system, allowing you to quickly assess complex situations and act in your patient’s best interests.

End-to-end optimisation of your healthcare provision

Enhance your service with a secure, reliable solution

CloudToday ERP gives you a dedicated interface to manage every aspect of your service, improving efficiency by eliminating unnecessary admin tasks, while streamlining management and decision making.

Record patient data, enter case notes, symptoms and diagnoses and book tests, screening, appointments or discharges from a centralised location.

Keep track of samples and tests across multiple locations, communicate results with practitioners and patients, and manage the necessary supplies within CloudToday ERP.

Manage your pharmaceutical inventory in real-time with an up-to-date view of current drug and equipment stocks, view predicted future requirements and place replacement orders in just a few clicks.

Record and track expenditure per patient and generate custom bills which can be scheduled to send automatically. Review and analyse payment data from a single dashboard.

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Manage all aspects of patient and staff communication from a central interface, with automated reminders for prescriptions, appointment dates and locations or clinic hours.

Track income and outgoings, view profit and loss overviews and automatically export the data you need to finance team members or accountants for review and submission.

Manage permanent and temporary staff schedules, quickly assign cover where needed, and track vacation time, payroll and certifications for all healthcare and admin personnel.

The confidentiality of patient healthcare data is a key concern. CloudToday ERP allows you to grant or withhold access to specific information based on the role and permissions held by each individual user.

Focus On The Patient

The Cloud ERP system records the time, date, and place of patients’ hospital or clinic schedules, including checkups, laboratory tests, dialysis, surgery or medical examinations.

This gives medical professionals a single view which informs them of the entire treatment plan for an individual patient, and helps to analyse the next steps required quickly and effectively. From ordering and prescribing the correct medication, to booking out the appropriate treatment facilities, to scheduling specialist procedures, the added efficiency reduces staff workloads while improving the overall experience for the patient, and removing unnecessary wait times. Automating the simple tasks allows practitioners to devote their time and energy to their areas of expertise, and to the comfort of their patients.

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