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Optimize Processes And Reduce Waste

CT Enterprise gives you the data you need to analyze and improve your processes, adding value, and reducing costs. From acquiring and processing raw materials through to completing and testing the resulting products, you’ll see the difference.

Accurate Business Insights In Real-Time

User Friendly Web Based Interface

CT Enterprise gives you quick and easy access to the data you need to make critical decisions across all areas of your business, in an intuitive layout which is accessible from anywhere.
Never Run Out of Anything

Via the restocking management features in CT Enterprise, alerts will be activated when the stock falls below the preset replenishment levels which are determined by you in advance. You will be notified via an automatic material request that is created by the system and will be able to replenish your inventory in a timely manner and reduce the chances of stock running out.

Manage your Balances With Ease

Quickly conduct an in-depth audit of your inventory in order to review the available stock within your warehouses and verify its compatibility with the data recorded within the system.

You can also take advantage of this feature simply and easily from any mobile device by scanning a product barcode using the camera app to quickly retrieve search results relating to stock balance. 

No More Conversion Issues

Never feel lost trying to convert units of measurement – such as pounds vs kilos – because one organization or supplier adopts it over others. Define the units of measure you prefer in your business and leave the system to do the math.

Track your inventory with different units of measure according to your preference, and define conversion rules within the main element or product to display automatically in the customer’s preferred format, facilitating the process of buying, selling, and inventory transactions.

Stay One Step Ahead

The capacity planning stage is considered a sensitive one as it involves setting dates in advance and carefully planning the number of units and production. With CT Enterprise, you can manage all aspects of the planning process needed to manufacture the required level of output of your products.

Our intelligent manufacturing management module allows you to optimize your business stations with the available resources for open production orders. Creating a capacity management plan for your products will allow you to identify and eliminate any bottlenecks across all operations. You can also manage planning schedules for predetermined periods of time (30 days, 45 days, etc.)

Curb Waste And Costs

The key strength of our manufacturing process management module is the smart features which ensure that no important resources are wasted during your project and reduce any unnecessary expenses. This is achieved via the material resource planning feature, which tracks and monitors the consumption of bulk or sequential inventory materials.

The system displays all aspects related to your project and all amounts and prices, whether it is a job request against sales requests or materials.

Smart Tracking

CT Enterprise allows you to track your inventory with extreme accuracy via a product numbering feature which makes it easy for you to track the stock of your products across all your warehouses. Benefit from the impressive depth of the system in arranging and organizing products, including tracking life cycles from production through to delivery to your customer.

Our tracking features extend to help you search and find anything related to the products you are looking for quickly and easily by scanning the product barcode with your mobile device camera for faster search results.

Speedy Batching

Leave no room for error and preserve your project delivery track record by making sure to track and manage products according to production and expiration dates. With our smart system, you can handle your inventory easily by managing large quantities through naming a quantity or batch of products in one go – saving vital time for your employees as well.

Easily Create Unlimited Products

There is no room for confusion with the manufacturing process management module, even if the manufacturing process includes adding many variables related to your products, it will be covered and made easier for you to the utmost degree.

As an example, if you make shirts and offer these shirts in different sizes and colors, you don’t need to keep track of each variant of these shirts, as the system considers each color or variant as a variable of the basic item or product.

Outsourcing and Subcontracting done right

Some organizations need to outsource production or other services to external companies, factories or individuals in order to complete a specific task as part of their primary manufacturing process.

If you follow this approach and use other resources to complete tasks for any purpose, then the subcontracting feature is for you. This feature makes it easy for you to provide your external sources with the raw materials that you use in the manufacturing process while giving the advantage of being able to track suppliers’ work and their operations. Final goods are priced based on the costs of raw materials and services that you have obtained.

Easy Accounts Tracking

The operations that are carried out on the factory floor play a big role in the manufacturing process, so our smart system provides you with an automatic recording of daily activity via smart cards, operations, and workstations. No more missing vital details related to anything that occurs within your production environment.

The status of the work done in manufacturing products, the location of each workstation, the tasks assigned to each employee, the status of current orders and pending deliveries can be displayed live on a single screen.

BOM Generation

It is not possible to talk about a manufacturing management system without talking about the functionality of issuing a bill of materials, which is the cornerstone of such systems. CT Enterprise guarantees the issuance of clear material bills that record all necessary information with the required accuracy.

The bills of materials produced by CT Enterprise are characterized by a hierarchical view that places the final product on top to remain prominent while including the rest of the other details such as product name codes, parts description, quantities, costs, and additional specifications for ease of use.

Production Dashboard

The manufacturing process management module allows you to connect two key elements within the manufacturing process, as you can integrate the production layout with shop floor operations.

You will be able to create clear and simple integrations between several complex processes during the manufacturing process, including customer management, sales orders, inventory, purchasing, accounting, and financial reporting, all merged and updated precisely across all sectors of your business.

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